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Divya Jain

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I am passionate about applying my creativity and analytical thinking to solve complex problems. As a former chess player, I relate design strategy to the chessboard; to solve problems that confront all logic. I am inspired to dream up new and improved ways of problem-solving. I aim to use design and behavior change principles to better address social inequities and drive sustainable community change.


My attention is largely focused on the world around me, and constantly exploring its structure and systems to find ways to bring justice and solutions forward. I see everything through the lens of possibilities and progress, problems and solutions. 


My experience of working with marginalized communities over the last 5 years at Noora Health and through the ‘MA focusing on Design in Health Program’ at the University of Texas (Austin), has allowed me to focus on community health, behaviour change, and using design thinking to better address key social gaps in communities for sustainable change and better health outcomes.

Future Design in Health Leader Award

MA, Design focused on Health at the University of Texas at Austin · May 2022

Award Description: Pursuing a career in Design in Health is not for the fainthearted. This emergent area of design practice requires creativity, a pioneering spirit, a resilient attitude, compassion and empathy, and above all, boundless optimism. The Future Design in Health Leader is not only a visionary changemaker; they bring everyone along to address the wicked problems in healthcare that no one individual can solve on their own.

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