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Care Companion Program

Noora Health’s mission is to improve outcomes and save the lives of at-risk patients. We strive to place patients and families at the center of high-quality healthcare by empowering them with the skills they need to care for their loved ones. Noora Health is an innovative, Stanford University-born non-profit, and has developed the Care Companion Program (CCP) to achieve its mission.

My work with the Care Companion program has spanned condition areas including 'mother and newborn care,' 'oncology,' 'general surgical patient,' and 'cardiology.' Across these conditions, we have developed multiple tools, services, and human-centered products. We have done extensive needs finding, design, and medical research, journey mapping, and have outlined different ‘how might we’s – all to tackle multiple problem areas in India’s government health system and provide patients and caregivers with the right skills at the right time.

My Role: BRAND LEAD | NOORA HEALTH | 2016 - 2021

Brand Strategy - Identity, Experiential and Organizational Level | Project Management | Service Design

Building Design Methodology | Graphic Design | Brand Visual Direction

Photographer - Rakshita and Rachana | Illustrations - Vinayak J | Mockups - Graphic Burger

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