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Brand Strategy | Noora Health

‘Brand Strategy/Brand-Communication (Brand-Comms)’ began as a self-initiated project for the organization to bring out Noora Health’s unique brand and voice. It is about what we say and how we say it - bringing consistency in the organization’s internal and external communication. It speaks about Noora’s offerings (including the organization’s strengths, values, services, etc.) by crafting the right message for the right audience and in the justest way. Ideally, through effective brand communication, we can better inform, persuade, or remind our stakeholders about the value of Noora’s mission.

Inspired by Sarah Durham (founder of Big Duck), we built organizational, identity, and experiential-level branding. We developed a brand architecture and a unique employee onboarding structure. Furthermore, we conducted various ‘Brand-Comms’ workshops for the internal Noora team to set an example of what branding is and how it may be implemented throughout our service.

My Role: BRAND LEAD | NOORA HEALTH | 2016 - 2021

Brand Strategy - Identity, Experiential and Organizational Level | Project Management | Service Design | Building Design Methodology | Graphic Design | Brand Visual Direction

Credits: Devika Sandil, Kevat Padh, Shloka Prasad, Leadership team

All Team Retreat - 2020

Embracing org culture & values

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 1.41.25 PM.png


For the brand development, we started developing the identity concept. Designed brand architecture and brand guidelines while taking valuable insights from our leadership team and board directors.

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